Exhibit Exchange:
Quality Exhibit Displays Since 1994

Exhibit Exchange is a unique boutique exhibit display company that started in 1994 in a small apartment in Detroit. After witnessing the wastefulness of corporate displays in the industry, it became our founder's mission to create a new way of doing business that would utilize the concept of reuse, recycle and regenerate. Thus, Exhibit Exchange became one of the first companies to embrace the notion of renal exhibits. Two decades of success later, over 90% of our annual revenues come from corporations who utilize Exhibit Exchange's rental exhibit business platform.



Mark’s design career transitions to exhibit design. His work included projects for the automotive manufacturers such as Buick and Pontiac. He was also a contributor to the GM pavilion at the Epcot Center in Florida.

Scott Kiely, his son and future Exhibit Exchange Production Manager, is born.







Mark Kiely, the Owner of Exhibit Exchange, attended the renowned Center for Creative Studies. He started his design career working with many automotive manufacturers to create innovative point of purchase displays and ride and drives.

A few of his clients included:
Volkswagen, Porsche, Chrysler, PPG and Fiat.


Exhibit Exchange is founded on a shoestring budget in his Detroit apartment. The primary focus was to recycle discarded exhibits.

Mark’s forward thinking led to Crain’s Business publishing a full page article on a refurbished, recycled double deck display he designed for Daimler Chrysler.


The directon of the business shifts to the development of rental exhibit programs using modular based systems. This environmentally conscious business model now accounts for over 90% of the company’s revenues.



Through smart business planning, Exhibit Exchange was able to weather the Global Recession and is now a thriving exhibit
house that offers a wide range of high quality products and personalized customer care. Through hard work and dedication, Exhibit Exchange has gained a global client base that sends our team to all parts of the world.



Why Us

Over the last 25 years, we have acquired a large inventory of modular exhibit systems that create unique, impressive face to face marketing environments.  These last decades have also allowed our company to grow personally. We have acquired a key team of individuals who are committed to customer care.

Through this dedication to our client, we have developed a strong client base across many industries – including international exhibitors.


It is our mission to deliver high quality solutions to our global client base in innovative and cost effective ways. We accomplish this by setting high standards in personalize customer service, reliability, creativity, and integrity in every problem. Every opportunity, regardless of size, is afforded this level of service.

Parpas America

Mark Kiely and his staff have provided Parpas America with continual high quality service and exceptional design concepts; all with the utmost dedication to our satisfaction.


Exhibit Exchange has built our tradeshow booths for many years now. We have found the whole team at Exhibit Exchange to be both professional and efficient in all aspects of their work — they are always responsive, supportive and helpful before, during and after the show. Even in hectic times, they never lose sight of our requirements, and we have their support and guidance every step of the way.


Exhibit Exchange always does an amazing job for us. They have a fantastic team, easy to work with – – all very talented and dedicated to getting the job done and done right. They will definitely illuminate your booth! I LOVE EE – – they make my job easier!